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Champagne Doyard Mahé
Moulin d'Argensole
28 chemin des sept moulins
51130 Vertus

Tél. : +33 (0)3 26 52 23 85
Fax : +33 (0)3 26 59 36 69
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A way from it all...
this is what you can expect of « au Moulin d'Argensole » in Vertus en Champagne, situated in the heart of the prestigious Côte des Blancs, in a charming village, which dates back to the Middle Ages, also described by the medieval writer Eustache Deschamps.

Carole, Martine, Odile or Philippe will welcome you with great pleasure into this rural haven. You can taste our Champagnes and if you wish, you can sample the wines. Or you can simply enjoy a bottle of Champagne in the shade of a tree.

Forget for a while the stress and the excitement of the day, and relax in the land of bubbles!!


Open from Monday till Saturday CLOSED ON SUNDAYS
Opening Hours:
10h-12h et 14h-17h30
closing days: 25 avril, 2 juin, 13 juin, 14 juillet, 15 août, 1 et 11 novembre
Annual Leave: du 18 décembre au 4 janvier 2012